Blacksleeve Kiro is the nickname of a character that appears briefly on Earth. It is thought to be a version of Kokiro from another place and time.


Although Kokiro by its nature can theoretically appear in any shape, Blacksleeve Kiro appears to be older and taller than Kokiro's common humanoid form. It wears torn-off jeans, a green vest top and what appears to be the tattered remains of a black tee-shirt. It has, however, been shown that Blacksleeve Kiro possesses the same shapeshifting abilities as its more familiar form.

While Blacksleeve Kiro appears savvier and more practical than the Kokiro that appears most frequently in the comic, it is also distinctly less emotionally stable, and may become angry or panicky at a moment's notice. Blacksleeve Kiro is very concerned for the fate of Kit Farren, whom it calls "Kitten", but apparently has no emotional attachment to the Jackers, nor any sense of responsibility ("I no longer care what I'm supposed to do. I want my Kitten.") However, it does show a certain reluctant amiability towards Li'l Kokiro, whom it encounters while searching for Kit. While apparently unwilling to tell the whole story of its experiences, it makes a few cryptic predictions about Li'l Kokiro's destiny, including "You won't be able to see Pippin for a long time". Sure enough, not long after hearing these words, Li'l Kokiro is teleported to the world of Ui.