This name has not been authorised by Star Glover and is provided for recognition only. If and when more is known about this character, this page will be moved or altered.

Creepkiro is the unofficial name for a character living on Ui. It may be a version of Kokiro from another place and time; Kokiro seems to identify with it to some extent, though not to the point of being able to predict its actions.

Creepkiro's fan name comes from the fact that its twisted-looking physical appearance could be that of Kokiro made "creepier", reminiscent especially of Blacksleeve Kiro (it wears a tattered black tee-shirt in an even worse state than BSK's, though no vest top). It possesses some shapeshifting ability most similar to that observed in Li'l Kokiro, able to enter a flexible liquid state when circumstances would not be appropriate for its default humanoid form. However, it does not seem to share a personality with any of the forms of Kokiro so far encountered; it doesn't talk, and seems content to be in the presence of Klear Ishrian, who calls it "Baby" and seems genuinely concerned for its happiness. Given Klear's attitude towards Jitai and her conduct towards the Kokirins, the idea of her cohabiting (let alone forming a stable relationship) with Kokiro seems very unlikely. Creepkiro has also attacked a Pipbot, the same type of machine that created and initially raised Kokiro, although this is a greyer area given that the android was acting in a very hostile manner at the time.