NOTE: This name has not been authorised by Star Glover and is provided for recognition purposes only. If and when a proper designation for this character appears in the comic, this page will be renamed.


Star's sketch, one of the only existing images of Heartshirt Kiro.

"Heartshirt Kiro" is a character who appears very briefly on Earth. It appears to be a version of Kokiro from another place and time.

This version of Kokiro has so far appeared only twice-- once in the comic proper, during the Prologue, and once in an explanatory interlude, which distinguishes it from both "Li'l Kokiro" (the incarnation that landed with the Jackers) and Blacksleeve Kiro. In both cases it was referred to simply as "Kiro", which has since become a generic nickname for almost all the incarnations of Kokiro.

In what can be presumed to be its default humanoid form, Heartshirt Kiro is of similar height and build to Blacksleeve Kiro (perhaps a little taller), but appears to lack the latter's instability and tendency to panic. It is the only incarnation of Kokiro so far encountered that does not wear a green vest top when in a humanoid shape, instead appearing in a tee-shirt with a pink heart printed on it.

Heartshirt Kiro seems to share the same outspoken nature and loyalty to Kit Farren displayed by its other forms.