This article is about the species. For the character sometimes called by this name, see Kit Farren.

Jitai are a humanoid species with a presence on Ui.

Appearance Edit


Jitai are similar in shape to humans, but with varying skin colours (from plausibly human flesh-coloured to brilliant turquoise), large eyes and large downturned ears. Unlike Kokirins, they have no wings, but do possess the famous Jitain Gem in the centre of their foreheads.

Society and status Edit

Jitai are ruled by a monarchy, with one king or queen in power at a time (the current monarch is Kit) but are also governed by a prime minister (currently Zachary Talleyrand). They apparently originate in the "Kingdom of Tangeltel"; given what we know of the former king's history with Nizarah, it's likely that this is a distant region of Ui rather than another world.

Jitai have come to suffer severe persecution in human society due to the recent war, to the point where their current habitat is not thought to be a safe environment for them. There are rumours among humans that the dead bodies of Jitai have healing properties, not to mention the illusory abilities of the Jitain Gem; these rumours help to dispel any remaining stigma associated with harming Jitai. A notable exception to the general attitude is the Feel Better hospital run by Mitori and Nizarah Mito, which has several permanent Jitai residents.

In public, many Jitai avoid using personal names and refer to one another simply as "Jitai". Kit has adopted this tradition to the point where many of his acquaintances have never been told his real name.

Miscellaneous Edit

The bite of a Jitai is said to be very dangerous, and may even be fatal to a vulnerable victim.

According to Star, the word "Jitai" is correctly pronounced to rhyme with "flighty", rather than with similarly spelt Earth words such as the Japanese "mirai".