Kit's Subconscious is a representation of Kit Farren's psyche that manifests when he is unconscious, semi-conscious or in a deep sleep. Although he is often seen in these visions, Kit appears to have no knowledge of them, and the only other character to whom they appear is Kokiro, who is pulled into Kit's Subconscious seemingly at random.


Kit's Subconscious rarely looks the same from one visit to the next; it is filled with doors, rooms and props appropriate to Kit's past and present issues. Perhaps unsurprisingly for such a confused child's psyche, irrational and paradoxical objects sometimes turn up (such as a counter with a bell and a sign reading Do Not Ring Bell). Kit himself often appears in these rooms, though the version of him that appears may not be his current self; other characters from Kit's past, such as Zachary Talleyrand, have also turned up, but the most frequent resident is Scary Lady, who seems to treat the whole realm as her domain.

While Scary Lady appears to be in charge of Kit's Subconscious, there is some evidence that it is actually limited to what Kit knows and feels. For instance, Kokiro finds a doll that resembles Nizarah Mito, only to be told by Kit that Kokirins are "just a fairy-tale". In reality, Kit's mother actually met a Kokirin as a child, but Kit is not necessarily aware of this fact.

Kokiro, on the other hand, appears to genuinely able to make a difference in Kit's Subconscious; it has pulled him back into the real world on more than one occasion. Scary Lady is contemptuous about these efforts, claiming that they are just postponing the inevitable, but the reaction of Kit's Subconscious to Kokiro's interference (such as the inscription on a door changing to "Nothing to see here, Kiro") seems to suggest that it is resisting, perhaps even afraid.