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Kit Farren, sometimes known as Jitai, is a Jitain child and the heir to the throne of Tangeltel.

Appearance and physical state Edit


Kit is a small Jitai with short black hair and deep purple eyes. His skin is whitish, fading to grey when he is ill. If Kit is genuinely happy and gratified, his cheeks take on a slight pink blush. Like all Jitai, he has shell-like, downturned ears.

Kit's body is more fragile than he would like to admit, and he is frequently ill. Apart from the grey tone to his skin, his symptoms include a bleeding nose (and related breathing problems), and unpredictable fainting spells. The symptoms of this illness have been somewhat alleviated by Nizarah Mito, but the cause of the original sickness has yet to be established. Kit has expressed the belief that he will eventually die of it, a possibility strongly rejected by Kokiro.

Kit also possesses a certain amount of healing power. The extent of this ability is unknown, and due to the general poor state of Kit's health it is impossible to determine whether it works in the same manner as Nizarah's.

Character Edit

Kit is quite stubborn, and would rather feign good health than admit to others how bad he is currently feeling; he is liable to show a fake smile when trying to handle an uncomfortable situation. This may be the reason for his apparent tendency to self-sabotage which has caused Kokiro so much frustration. However, he does seem to value people, such as Joe, on whom he can genuinely depend. While still dealing with issues surrounding the death of his mother, some of which are only brought to light in Kit's Subconscious, he is nevertheless still a child in many respects, enjoying songs and games, and sometimes having trouble dealing with sarcasm. He has something of a crush on Joe.

Status and situation Edit

Kit is the heir to the throne of Tangeltel since the death of his mother, a Jitain princess, some years before. (Even Vee Farren herself was unsure who Kit's father was; this doesn't seem to have affected his succession to the throne.) At the moment, his position is mostly symbolic, with Prime Minister Zachary Talleyrand acting as the representative for his species, and the Jitai race itself scattered and disheartened in the aftermath of the presumably recent war. Nevertheless, Kit is instantly recognisable even to Jitai who have never met him.

When Kokiro first met Kit, it appeared that Kit was being held at an unknown location by Klear Ishrian. It is unclear what her aim was in imprisoning him. Kit's absence caused considerable distress to many Jitai, including Talleyrand.

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