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Kokiro (also Kiro) is an artificially created entity after whom the webcomic Kokiro is named.

Origin and abilities Edit

"Project Kokiro" was created in a scientific laboratory on Nia as that world's first example of a functioning time machine. It was later shown to be capable of travelling through space as well as time, though any kind of teleportation is known to fatigue it if used too often. While Kokiro is able to move through time and space of its own accord, it will do so involuntarily if issued the right commands. Its teleportation may have unexpected consequences, such as the changes to Kokiro's and Kit's hair and clothes when they teleported out into the woods from inside a building. Kokiro is also able to change its form at will. Since meeting Kit Farren, Kokiro has been able to see and interact with visions that explore the nature of Kit's Subconscious, usually involving meetings with Scary Lady.

Since its arrival on Ui, Kokiro has been invisible to many people. The reason for this is unknown, but it is not intentional.


Kokiro's default humanoid form.

Appearance Edit

Kokiro does not see itself as belonging to any particular species, as demonstrated by its words to Kit: "I'm Kokiro. I'm a Kokiro." Its most common form to date is that of a fair-haired humanoid child, with downturned ears and small wings similar to those of a Kokirin. This is seemingly its "default form", which it returns to wherever possible. However, Kokiro can also appear as a sentient and mobile swirl of rainbow-coloured liquid, the form it had assumed when Angellene first found it, or as a much smaller form suitable for easy transport and not unlike a human baby. It can also temporarily take on the form of another human being or an object in its vicinity.

According to Star Glover, Kokiro is neither male nor female in any conventional sense, and should therefore be referred to as "it".

Character Edit

Kokiro is very similar to a human child in its behaviour, and is noticeably curious about its surroundings. It is loyal to Kit, who has become its friend, to the point of becoming jealous when he takes an interest in others, but is not above teasing him wherever possible. In contrast to the quiet and generally resigned Kit, who will go out of his way not to make a fuss about a problem, Kokiro is outspoken and practical in most situations. On Ui, it often takes advantage of its invisibility and inaudibility to say exactly what it thinks.

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