Li'l Kokiro needs its sleep.

Li'l Kokiro is a nickname used by Star Glover to refer to Kokiro in its earliest appearances in the comic. While there is no definitive point after which the classification stops applying (it is used by no characters in canon), the most obvious cut-off point would be shortly after the transition from Earth to Ui, when Kokiro undergoes some physical changes.

Li'l Kokiro in its default humanoid form is about the size of a human toddler, with very large eyes and mid-length hair. It gets tired very easily, and can become temperamental with little warning. Having just been "liberated" from the laboratory where it was created, it is very naive and impressionable. It does, however, have a fascination with new sights and information, whether or not its guardians consider it appropriate. Although it can speak other languages, it appears to share one by default with Angellene.

This is the form of Kokiro which Blacksleeve Kiro encounters on Earth, and to which it makes some cryptic remarks about the future. Oddly enough, Blacksleeve Kiro seems relatively kindly disposed to it.