It often takes Lia awhile to process information.

Lia Bek is the teenage adopted daughter of the mayor of Coyote on Ui.

Lia is a fair-haired girl with a somewhat childish attitude. She is curious, easily unnerved, and attracted to things that seem elegant or sophisticated. Until the events of Kokiro she appears to have had little exposure to non-human species, and was especially charmed by her first encounter with a tailimin. However, it is an intriguing but so far unexplained detail that she wears a charm that looks a lot like the Jitain Gem necklaces made by Kuguick for Sudare and Zouji, suggesting there may have been some nonhuman involvement in her past after all. Lia was initially attracted to Tulan, whom she met after being unintentionally abandoned by Joe Stone, but the glamour appears to have partially worn off after some exposure to the nature of Tulan's character.

For some reason, Lia is capable of seeing Kokiro, even though people with a closer relationship to Kit cannot. It is not known whether this is consistent or why it happens.

It is currently unknown whether Lia has any connection to Jack Bek.