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Pippin (the character) is a sentient android built and programmed on Nia. Known as a PIP Unit, she was originally assigned to secretarial duties in a scientific laboratory, before being kidnapped by the Jackers and modified with a chip enabling her to issue commands to Kokiro. She is powered by some kind of electrical energy, but apparently incompatible with the mains voltage found on Earth.

In the comic, Pippin's robotic speech style is indicated by the use of the Courier New typeface in her speech bubbles. Her commands to Kokiro are represented by a series of dashes to indicate their unintelligibility.

Despite living on a planet that seems to be primarily inhabited by nians, Pippin appears to be modelled after a human figure, with smaller ears than any of the Jackers'. She was not, however, designed for interaction with humans, according to the setting levels programmed into her taser.

Star has informally used the name "Pippins" to refer to any and all PIP Units, who all bear a striking resemblance to the Pippin featured in the comic and are also known as Pipbots. Perplexingly enough, there is at least one Pipbot on Ui, which would seem at odds with the general level of technology found there (not much more advanced than that of present-day Earth); even more amazingly, it seems to work, albeit idiosyncratically. In contrast to the hesitant and generally friendly Pippin, it appears to be equipped for combat, though this may be a mental rather than a physical alteration-- since the addition of a computer chip was all that was needed for a secretarial Pipbot to become Kokiro's guardian, it is not at all unlikely that Pipbots can adapt in other ways without too much effort.