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The Sixth Kokirin is a character who lives, or at some point lived, on Ui. She appears to be the oldest of the Mito siblings, but has yet to make an appearance in the comic other than in flashback. Since her name has yet to be revealed, she is known as "Sixth Kirin" or just "Six" among readers.

Appearance Edit


A memory of "Big Sister" Six, with Posai and Nizarah.

Like all Kokirins, Six possesses a pair of wings, which seem to be larger even than Nizarah Mito's, although at least one picture exists with them hidden from view. She seems to have an affinity for the colour gold, having golden-tinted eyes as well as long blonde hair, and being depicted on more than one occasion wearing a floor-length golden dress.

Six seems to be taller than most of the Kokirins.

Past relationships Edit

Little is known about Six at the moment, but some insights into her character can be gained by examining her relationships with her siblings. She appears to have been the effective matriarch of the Mito family for some time, and is still referred to as "Big Sister" by Takaru and Kade. Like Nizarah, she possessed some healing power, though it is unclear whether it worked in the same manner as his.

Six is remembered as having been deeply protective of Nizarah, to the point of trying to stop him meeting with a young Vee Farren when her presence began to damage his health. While such an order would normally be unthinkable for the compassionate Nizarah, Six's word appears to have been law as far as the Mito siblings were concerned.

The Sixth Kokirin's current location and situation are unknown, if indeed she still exists at all. Kokirins are believed to be effectively immortal, which would imply that she is still around somewhere, but Six seems to have disappeared from the landscape; there has been no suggestion of finding her during the recent events, despite the fact that the other Kokirins need all the help they can get.