Sparkles Talleyrand is a Jitai who has been living at the Feel Better Institute. She is the wife of the Jitain prime minister, Zachary Talleyrand, but their relationship appears to have taken a sharp decline, and Sparkles has expressed the idea that she and her husband would benefit from some time spent apart.

Unlike most Jitai, Sparkles has human-like pale pink skin and long hair  (which is long enough to cover both her Jitain Gem and her downturned Jitai ears), which would probably allow her to pass for human at a casual glance. This is probably why she has been seen out in public with Zachary, despite the common human prejudice against Jitai.

Sparkles appears to have been caught in the crossfire during the recent incursion of the Coyote Neighbourhood Watch into Feel Better. Posai believes her to have been killed, though there has been no confirmation of this.