Sudare Singer is a young tailimin living in the forests of Ui. He is Zouji's brother.

Appearance Edit


Sudare helps himself to the Mitos' kitchen.

When in his natural tailimin form, Sudare is black-furred from head to toe. When appearing in a human form with the help of a Jitain Gem, he has short black hair and dark eyes, and wears jeans. He is able to hide his characteristic tailimin ears, but may forget to do so when under stress.

Sudare has a considerable amount of physical strength, but cannot run as fast as Zouji when in tailimin form.

While Star has stated that Zouji and Sudare are twin brothers, they are fraternal twins, explaining the difference in their appearance.

Character Edit

Sudare is less childish than Zouji, but very loyal to him and willing to take risks. He has no aversion to travel and adventure, but takes exception to being asked to camp out in the open, being used to the underground shelter of his home, Singer's Warren.

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