Takaru Mito is a Kokirin living on Ui.

Appearance Edit

Takaru is probably fairly tall (although this may simply be the effect of his large boots). Like all the Kokirins, he has a pair of wings, but he doesn't seem to unfold them often, even when stressed. He has scruffy black hair, and sometimes wears a long black jacket decorated with flame patterns.


Takaru (second left) looks after Zouji for awhile.

Character Edit

Takaru is easily amused, but likewise easily bored, and is likely to make offbeat remarks to cover up negative feelings. While he has never really appeared malicious, he does not seem to share his brother Nizarah's innate compassion. He spends a lot of his time with Kade, who is the nearest Kokirin to him in age and shares some of his sense of humour; he has less in common with his other siblings, whom he doesn't see as often. It seems that he has some kind of connection with the Kujian Bird Nation and/or a past grudge against its ruler, Tulan, but what this amounts to is currently unknown.

Despite having a medical practitioner for a sister, Takaru is fond of alcohol and once smuggled a crate into Feel Better with a tenet of advice for Nizarah: "Life sucks; get drunk."