Vee Farren was a Jitai living on Ui. She was the mother of Kit Farren.


Scary Lady in Kit's Subconscious

Vee's lifeEdit

Kit's mother was a princess, the daughter of the ruler of the Jitai kingdom, Tangeltel. She seems to have suffered with an unnamed illness from a very early age. Nizarah Mito managed to alleviate her symptoms with his healing power, but this affected his health quite severely (it was suggested that Takaru, Nizarah's brother, might die if he tried the same thing). Her illness was never actually cured, and though she managed to grow into a rather attractive young adult Jitai, she came perilously close to dying when her body came under the stress of giving birth to Kit, apparently her only child. Although Nizarah was very attached to her and hoped that she would achieve immortality as a Kokirin, Vee passed away while Kit was still quite young.

Several years after her death, Takaru and Kade continue to think unfavourably of her, blaming her for rifts within the Mito family and for Nizarah's frequent ill-health. Nizarah himself, however, appears to bear no ill will towards Vee, referring to his photograph of her as "(Kit's) beautiful mother".

History glitch? Edit

There is something odd about the history of Vee Farren's life. We have heard various parts of it from Takaru, Kade, Zachary Talleyrand and Nizarah, and there is no evidence to believe that any of them would have a reason to lie about the events they recalled. However, it appears that these events do not fit together into a single narrative. The amount and obviousness of these peculiarities suggests that they are not continuity errors in the comic itself...

  • Nizarah claims that after healing Vee for the last time, he did not see her again until Kit was born. Takaru and Kade remember Nizarah visiting Vee when she was still pregnant with Kit.
  • Nizarah claims to have helped deliver Kit, but Takaru and Kade believe he arrived too late, after Vee had already had her baby.

Scary Lady Edit

Even though Kit's actual mother is no longer living, she continues to exist in the inner world of Kit's Subconscious as "Scary Lady", a manifestation of various negativity from Kit's past and present. While still recognisable as an adult Vee Farren in physical appearance, Scary Lady seems to be purely composed of Kit's inner negative feelings, and displays no maternal instinct or kindness towards Kit, taking a certain pleasure in his nightmares. As an aspect of Kit's unconscious mind, she is aware of Kokiro's visits to Kit's Subconscious, and reacts to them in various ways; sometimes she will deliberately try to stop Kiro from helping Kit, while at other times she seems content to act as an amused spectator.