William Tulan, often simply called Tulan, is a Kujian prince from Ui.

Appearance Edit


The first part of a long-running gag about donkeys.

When rendered human by a Jitain Gem, Tulan is thin, fair-haired, and wears a permanent expression of annoyance. At other times, he appears as a large bird.

Character Edit

Tulan is easily angered, arrogant, and in general not a very nice person at all. Some of this may be due to, or alternatively an explanation for, the fact that he works closely with Klear Ishrian, who frequently sends him out on field missions. He is vice-president of the Coyote Neighbourhood Watch as well as a Kujian prince, despite not having displayed the leadership qualities necessary to retain the loyalty of his flock. Tulan seems to have a low pain tolerance, although it's possible that he just tends to exaggerate any inconvenience caused to him. He is willing to bend the truth when it will serve his own ends, a trait which has contributed to losing the affection of Lia Bek.

Tulan has a strong prejudice against Jitai and does not seem to feel any remorse about hurting them or their allies.