Zouji Singer is a tailimin living in the forests of Ui. He is Sudare's brother.

Appearance Edit


When in his natural tailimin form, Zouji is covered in grey fur. When appearing in a human form with the help of the Jitain Gem worn around his neck, he has silvery hair, large blue eyes, and a somewhat cute youthful appearance. Like Sudare, he is able to hide his characteristic tailimin ears, but may forget to do so when under stress.

While Star has stated that Zouji and Sudare are twin brothers, they are fraternal twins, explaining the difference in their appearance.

Character Edit

Zouji is naturally quite cheerful and outgoing, and not easily embarrassed: he likes tummy-rubs and "travelling songs". He is conscientious and perceptive of others' feelings, and dislikes feeling powerless in the face of a difficult situation. Zouji has an affinity for young creatures, including baby tailimins and Kit Farren. He is currently dealing with the news of the tragic loss of his home settlement, Singer's Warren.

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